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We create opportunity.

Roots and wings - according to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, children should be given both of these things to accompany them on their journey through life. It is also our mission to realise this in our work as a foundation: we aim to to strengthen young people in their pursuit of educational and life goals, and to support them in their personal development. At the same time, we offer our active scholars and alumni a vibrant, communicative and lasting community.

Create and accompany educational pathways

The Claussen-Simon-Stiftung supports talented young people at every stage of their development: at school, at university and in their profession. Under the three categories School & Education, University & Academia and Arts & Culture, we offer scholarship programmes and project funding to pupils, students, doctoral candidates and emerging academics, along with artists, musicians and creatives.

Supporting talented and committed young people is at the core of our work as a foundation. In addition, every year we invite teachers and professors from Hamburg schools and tertiary institutions, along with their pupils and students, to develop innovative project ideas and apply for funding as part of the 'Unseren Schulen' and 'Unseren Hochschulen' competitions. 

Non-material or 'wholistic' support is a fundamental aspect of our work. We offer our scholars a comprehensive and tailored programme of seminars, lecture events and coaching sessions. We create numerous opportunities for exchange, dialogue and shared experiences, bring scholars and alumni together at regional chapter meetings and provide a cross-disciplinary curriculum. 


Our founders


Georg W. Claussen and Ebba Simon: Two influential Hamburg philanthropists.


Inquiring Minds, Hungry for Knowledge

The vision of our two founding philanthropists is very important to us and we aim to help young people develop their talents and passions fully, be it at school, in academia or through cultural endeavours. The Claussen-Simon-Stiftung operates throughout Germany, with a focus on the Hamburg region.